Mozilla Modern LogoEnhanced Mozilla packages for OS/2

These OS/2 packages of Mozilla products are enhanced by several extra features:

From time to time I also include more experimental features that need some more testing before they can be made part of the official packages.

The current set of Gecko 1.8.1.x-based releases that consist of:

They now require libc 0.6.3 in order to run. To be able to use plugins, one still needs to have the older libc05.dll installed, too.

Note that I will maintain these application versions as long it makes sense, but I will not create "PmW" versions of Gecko 1.9 applications. So there won't be PmW-Fx 3.x, but don't panic, here's why. Now I no longer provide PmW-Fx 2.0.0.x, because the corresponding Firefox code is unmaintained. Please use the "official" Firefox 3.0.x build.

I also try to package releases of the current development version ("trunk"), about once a week for SeaMonkey and Firefox, and once a month for Thunderbird. These do not contain the abovementioned enhancements. They are available in the Trunk Nightlies package. These are now available from the Mozilla FTP server, linked on the Warpzilla page.

There are still the old Gecko 1.8.0.x-based releases that consisted of:

but they should no longer be used or downloaded, except for tests.

The separate SeaMonkey 1.1 release is obsolete, too.

If you have problems, please post in the newsgroup on the server for this purpose. If you really don't want to do that, you can also email me directly at mozilla {at} Weilbacher {dot} org, but don't expect a faster response.

Peter Weilbacher, 2008-06-20.